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Online vs. In-Office Services

How do you know if traditional Office-based therapy or Online services are better for your needs?

Online vs. In-Office Therapy or Coaching

How do you know if traditional Office-based therapy or Online services are better for your needs?

Let’s face it. We all need a little help sometimes. Good news is that in today’s world, we have an endless number of options for support. The first step in identifying the services that work for you is exploring whether you want Online or In-Office services. One is no better than the other, but achieving the best results comes from choosing the option that reduces obstacles on your path to success.

Here are some points that might help you decide between Online vs. In-Office Services. Keep in mind, this list applies to both therapy and life coaching services offered in an office setting or over the internet. Let’s jump in.

Online Is Great If You…

● Struggle to find time to add therapy/coaching in your busy life

● Want a more convenient option than driving to an office

● Feel you can be more honest with someone who is not sitting next to you

● Feel less stigma or judgement talking to someone online

● Have difficulty leaving home for emotional or physical reasons

● Are seeking the care of a professional that does not live in or is not part of your community

● Have limited options for quality professionals in your area or you want to choose from a larger pool of specialists

In-Office Is Better If You…

● Are in a crisis that requires emergency care

● Have a severe mental health illness or are experiencing difficulties functioning

● Need simultaneous substance treatment or are looking for medication management

● Prefer the formality of an office setting when talking with a professional

● Do not have a private or distraction free environment available to you

● Do not feel comfortable using a computer or technology

● Don’t have access to reliable internet, Wi-Fi, or a data plan

For more information about the above topic or to explore what services might look like with Myers Family Therapy, click here.

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Laura Myers, CLC, LMFT

Psychotherapist & Life Coach

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