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  • Disrespect you, family members, or teachers?

  • Have trouble in school?

  • Refuse to do homework or complete chores?

  • Struggle to make friends? 

  • Embarrass you with their outbursts in public?

  • Not seem to respond to discipline?

  • Scream, slam doors, curse, hit, and exhibit other disruptive behaviors?

  • Get teased or bullied?

  • Seem unmotivated or act like they don’t care?


Does Your Child.....

You are not alone! 

These are just some of the challenges I've helped parents address

  • You are repeating the same things over and over?

  • You’ve tried every strategy you can think of and nothing seems to work?

  • Unsupported, unheard, or judged by others when you talk about your child’s behaviors?

  • Ready to try something new?

Do You Feel.....

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